Erastus 8 - Sunday - Year One - Into the Forest

Follow that trail

After entering the forest, the group comes across a clearing where moon radishes are growing wild. Satathes soon hears a noise and tells the group to stop. More noises are heard and the group sees dragon heads popping in and out.
A group of reptile people called “Kobolds” appears and shouts, “Thieves.” Ceadwy confounds the Kobolds by trying to convince them that the “thieves” are behind the Kobolds. (For more information see the wiki entry on Kobolds.) Kobolds still attack and the heroes are forced into battle. During the battle two of the heroes mysteriously fall asleep. The heroes win the battle thanks in large part to Ceadwy’s intimidation and despite Setathes falling out of a tree. Gabriel loots the Kobolds and finds 5 gems and two jewels. Daine does an autopsy on the Kobolds and finds that their stomachs were full of moon radishes.

Daine and Gabriel eat the radishes.

Daine sees the trail go further south. Ceadwy then learns the song “Deep South.” Each hero then uses a daily ration and goes to sleep for the rest of the night.

In the middle of the night the fire that we used to set up camp glows and wakes the heroes up. Ceadwy remembers that the forest they are in is famous for stories of fairy magic and creatures. Satathes learns that they are being pranked by fairies and that the heroes can bribe them with gold or shiny objects. Setathes takes one of the gems from Gabriel and puts it near a tree. At the end of the night, the gem is missing.



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