Erastus 8 - Sunday - Year One - Bokin's Hut

Bokin can't pinky swear

It was an overcast day near Oleg’s Tavern. Before continuing their adventure, Oleg tells the heroes that there is a hermit who sells potions named Bokin. His hut is southeast to their location. Ceadwy learns of the quest to find Oleg’s wife’s, Svletlana‚Äôs, ring. The ring is probably somewhere to the south. Ceadwy jokingly asks Oleg if he gave it to another woman but Oleg didn’t know how to take a joke and Ceadwy has promised more performances for the horse Oleg gave him. (For more information on the Quest see “Quest-Svletlana’s Ring”)

After traveling directly east of Oleg’s, the heroes find a hut with empty bottles laying around which have no significance. After entering the hut, they meet a skinny man with gold hair who seems a bit excited and perhaps “touched.” Bokin tells the heroes that bandits forced him to sell them potions at a discount. Bokin also tells them that he needs some fangberries. (For more information see “Quest-Botkin’s Fanberries.”) The heroes get a map of the area directly east of Bokin. Daine notices that Bokin’s right hand pinky finger is missing. The heroes learns that Bokin somehow lost it while defending his mother from his brother. (For more information see “Quest-Bokin’s ‘Brother.’”) Gabriel shows Bokin a picture of dead tree. Bokin says there is a tree like far north and possibly to the west.

After leaving the hut Satathes sees a trail leading into the area where a majority of the heroes had encountered a huge spider.



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