Erastus 7 - Saturday - Year One

The Bard Joins

The novice heroes, Gabriel, Daine, and Setathus are intrigued and honored to meet the talented Bard, Ceadwy. Ceadwy has traveled into town at Oleg’s Tavern with Vicmorton, Keston, and other guards. Vicmorton explains to the fledgling heroes that their job is to make the stolen lands safe.

Ceadwy bargains with Oleg to lend him a horse if Ceadwy uses his exceptional talents to entertain the tavern every night that Ceadwy is at the tavern. As a token of “good faith” Ceadwy performs that night for free. The sly Ceadwy sneaks a little hat in the corner and earns 4 silver on the side for his musical prowess.

Gabriel and Daine speak with Keston who seems very Gruff.

Gabriel meets the Guard Robern and tells Robern that Gabriel is a follower of Erastil.

Gabriel learns that the leader of the Bandits in the Southlands is known as “Staglord.” Keston tells next to nothing about the Staglord to Gabriel.



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